To boast and brag
D: that bitch will do whatever I want her to. She would come to my house suck me off and leave. she's a whore and a pathalogical lier.

JEF: dude shut up she's my friend you need to chill the fuck out.

D: Fuck that cunt I hate her

JEf: Why'd you fuck her so long then

D: She was just a kelly girl to me

JEf; IDK man I thinks she's a lady out and a freak behind. Wtf is wrong with you dumb ass? I think She's killa

D: she was fat and I have my rep at steak.

JEf: You mind if I love her then? Anywho check this, Ima gonna ride stevo's 4wheeler now, I'm over your drama about her. You shouldn't even be spogin while you girlfriend is hear with you. You sound hurt and jelous
by Imnotyourfckntoy October 20, 2009
Top Definition
spider crossed with a dog. agility of a spider, loyalty of a dog.
Dan moves like a spog.
by Dan Bouffard November 19, 2008
Northern British slang for sweets, candy.
gi' us sum spogs yer tight twat.
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
A slang word for a boiled sweet, possibly a Yorkshire (England) term.
Mummy, can I have some spogs after school?
by Miss VT March 08, 2009
Salt, Pepper, Onion, and Garlic. A delicious mixture that can be used on cooked foods and enhances the flavor to an orgasmic degree.
Joe had just finished marinating the chicken, so he applied a generous handful of SPOG to it.
by DaveF.SA January 01, 2009
super pimped out gangsta
damn dog homie is spog
by slow99gsr December 30, 2006
came from a planned developement game from almighty software called smear 3d around 2000 this was a weapon that came in varying sizes that looked like a pitchfork. It had a fusion reactor as a power source and shot an energy blast a set distance and theen emitted beams at all living thing near by. If any 2 spog beams crossed, an explosion on the magnitude of several thermonuclear bombs would result. Also should the beam come in contact with a solid object, a smaller explosion on the order of several tons of TNT would result.
madbill hid behind the crate as his enemy approached. he pulled up his medium SPOG and shouted "I've got you now" as he pulled the firing mechanism
by UUGH October 16, 2004
This is a very uncommon Indian name and by statistics only 10 people in the world have regarded themselves as a Spog. Spog as a definition of name means tending to be bored or excited easily.
"Dude that party was so fun everyone was just spogin out"
by Kunning March 06, 2009
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