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A mediocre at best video format that was never the best video format even in the early days when Apple would have had you think otherwise. Generally known for producing lousy grainy video streams on the internet.
Quicktime is an apple product and it shows!
by UUGH August 15, 2005
Anything that is mostly unique (and often bad) at RIT. Like deaf kids, loser freshmen who wear thinkgeek shirts and dont shower, 10:1 male female ratio, no social life, average of jerking off twice a day etc...
"quarter mile is so RIT rich"
by UUGH October 18, 2004
The target age that anime addicted college guys search for girls to hang out with and have as girlfriends
"Wow that was an awesome episode of pokemon, now I must visit the local middle school for a girlfrind at the age of 12"
by UUGH October 18, 2004
the new and 1337 way of typing fool
drink your milk foll!
by UUGH February 21, 2005
came from a planned developement game from almighty software called smear 3d around 2000 this was a weapon that came in varying sizes that looked like a pitchfork. It had a fusion reactor as a power source and shot an energy blast a set distance and theen emitted beams at all living thing near by. If any 2 spog beams crossed, an explosion on the magnitude of several thermonuclear bombs would result. Also should the beam come in contact with a solid object, a smaller explosion on the order of several tons of TNT would result.
madbill hid behind the crate as his enemy approached. he pulled up his medium SPOG and shouted "I've got you now" as he pulled the firing mechanism
by UUGH October 16, 2004
An old industrial town in Western Massachusetts that has become very arts and craft oriented in recent decades. Sadly this town is also overrun by lesbians who have periodically taken it amung themselves to try and barricade themselves from non lesbian people and establishments (for instance local periodicals refusing to advertise for non lesbian owned establishments) Also one of Americas birthplaces for the Gay Supremacy movement
Northhampton: land of fruits and nuts
by UUGH August 15, 2005

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