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The sole reason that I get out of bed, attend a job that is so unsatisfying that i can barely make it through a working day without fashioning a weapon, Macgyver style, to slaughter the many fools that i have to speak to on a daily basis.
Spam - "...allowed anywhere on company property." She is saying, "This policy does not just apply to cigarettes but also to cigars, pipes, roll-ups and anything else that can be smoked... Any Questions?"

I Raise my hand.

"What about Haddock?"


Somebody smirks.

I elaborate.

"...Or even Ham, you can smoke that...Is Ham banned from the premises too?"
by Burtmianus August 08, 2007
Unsolicted emails, most of which offer penis extensions under wordings to avoid filters, such as "exp and y00r man - rod" or "giv e her good lu ving with huu uuge man - st i ck"
According to all my spam emails, each extending my penis up to 4" , I could potentially have a penis approximately 4 miles long.
by Digital_Messiah July 03, 2004
The AIDS equivalent for the internet. No known cures.
Spam is pretty useless.
by Keynon May 03, 2005
spam stands for
"I spamed the perverts the other day, and now they're really pissed off!"
by Santa November 13, 2002
1. Canned meat. Extremely cheap (considering)
2. Unsolicited mail/e-mail sent out in mass quantities. Usually not even addressed by name to the person who receives it.
3. In gaming, refers to a player who throws grenades indiscriminately, many at a time. Generally an issue in Team Fortress. Although lately has been expanded to include any overused gun/combo/move/tactic/etc.
"Grilled Spam is great."
"I get over thrity spam mails a week in my hotmail account."
"Way to spam the room buddy. You throw enough nades that time?"
by TheFeniX March 21, 2003
To rapidly post the same line in a chat room consecutively
Uber: Quit Spamming Chat Noob
Noob: u hav no lyfe
Noob: u hav no lyfe
Noob: u hav no lyfe
Noob: u hav no lyfe
Noob: u hav no lyfe
Noob: u hav no lyfe
Noob: u hav no lyfe
by Jediknight4587 May 29, 2005
Spiced Ham
Manufactured around the world by licensee of the HORMEL company. The exact recipe is a closey guarded secret.
Very popular in small Pacific Island countries where real meat is hard to find. In 1990 over 2 million Kilograms of spam were sold in New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, the soloman islands, Rarotonga, tonga etc...
My god, this spam tastes good...can I have a little more spam with my Taro please
by Gavin Knight January 05, 2004