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The act of jizzing on a girl's feet and throwing your pubes on them to resemble the feet of a hobbit.
Tim: Girl you have some pretty feet.
Jill: Thanks.
Tim: I'd love to give you a Frodo Baggins.
Jill: Well, I do love pubes.
by bryri December 03, 2010
Like tooth paste it is a semi-liquid. A term which refers to male semen, but mainly when ejaculated into the mouth.
Dentist Says:
1. Floss 1x Daily
2. Brush Teeth
3. Rinse teeth with dude paste daily.

John: Aye girl, wanna give me some head and I'll give you my dude paste?
Amber: Well, I do love dude paste.
by bryri February 27, 2010
A euphemism for male ejaculate. So named because of the similarities between semen and elmer's glue.
John: Dude, I took this bitch to kindergarten last night.
Matt: Huh?
John: I put my elmer's glue in her mouth.
Matt: Nice.

(In the bedroom)
Tim: This is just like a 2nd grade art project.
Nancy: What are you talking about?
Tim: I spread you out, moved you around, tore you up, now I'm about to finish you off with some elmer's glue and you'll probably get some in your hair.
Nancy: Yummy.
by bryri February 27, 2010
An acronym for No Fat White Chicks. Commonly used by black dudes who don't adhere to the stereotype of dating white girls who have their own orbit.
DeAndre: What's good man?
LeMarcus: Chillin' dawg, have you seen my girl?
DeAndre: You mean that real thick white bitch--she look like she weigh 'bout 350?
LeMarcus: Hell yea nigga. She fuckin' dope huh? Want me to hook you up with one of her friends? They be just as thick as she is.
DeAndre: Fuck you nigga, I'm NFWC for life. Ain't shit pretty 'bout a fat ass white girl.
by bryri January 07, 2011
An acronym for Special Penis Anal Massage. It's a sexual euphemism for anal sex. It's a sly way to get your mate into the bed room for some anal loving. Works best in a crowd to remain discrete.
(At a party)
Jim: Hey Joy, what's up?
Joy: I'm just hanging out, what are you up to?
Jim: I'm doing the same, this party is boring.
Joy: It's really lame. I'd really love to have some SPAM right now *wink* *wink*.
Jim: Well, let's leave so I can give you what you need!
by bryri November 21, 2010

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