An abbreviation used online by those who are too lazy to check the spelling of a word. Frequently accompanied by use of "ur" and other such marks of idiocy. Several dozen question marks may also follow.
Y r u typng (sp???????????) leik this????
by Aristophanes October 02, 2005
Stomach Pump. SP

1. SP is short for Stomach Pump. Its performed in poisoning situations, and/or to remove blood from the stomath.
1. I had a SP after I took that tunug medicine.
2. Did they use charcoal?
3. Yes.
4. The mattress boy saw them put the tube down, and heard me screaming before he told me to get on the mattress.
5. Did they use a machine, or just gravity to pump your stomach?
6. They used gravity, and a machine.
by 1992peter February 14, 2010
a nickname standing for super perve.
HEY S.P.! get over here!

Yeah Haley is such an S.P.
by Haley Johnson May 29, 2008
Sp comes from:"Stupid People".
John is a sp.
All the sp won't know this.
by cld_w December 12, 2009
Short for the term "Sexual Predator" but typically used more to describe:
1) Adult males that behave overly aggressive towards the opposite sex.
2) Men with creepy appearances that tend to stare at girls much younger than them or act in a creepy manner towards females.
3)Any act of preying on members of the opposite sex in hopes of sexual gratification.
That old creepy guy at the bar is so "SP".

Wow SP!... Are you staring at that chicks ass?

That guy with the video camara at the wet t-shirt contest was "SP".
by Georgia St. Crew April 10, 2008
Miscreant speak for the Emu SP1200 drum machine/sampler. The SP1200 and its smaller counterpart, the SP12 are vital tools in the science of hip-hop. The SP line is famous for its gritty sample rate and its ease of programming.
Yo, that kid has mad skills on the SP.
by Tommy B. May 20, 2005
screen protector
dude you need an sp for your new iphone!!!
by inferno31 January 30, 2010
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