Sanky Panky,Sanky any guy that goes to the club in search of white woman to fuck and get money from them.They especially look for older women that are widows, that their husbands left them a fortune etc..

A real Sanky would go for anything like 85 years old woman, gay mofo or anything he can get money from.

Nowadays it's devellopping a new generation of Sankies that go for the money but more into young fine looking ladies.
Tonight is Rep night, all the S.Ps are gonna be out in the club man!
by Bouboul Payo February 19, 2008
To self promote. eg, your tumblr on tumblrplug. or your qooh.me on facebook. could be used for 'self-promotion'
(on facebook)
Leah - CHECK OUT MY QOOH.ME, i answer everything! go on!!! - qooh.me/l50
Pat - Bitch, stop with the sp it's clogging up my news feed..
------ 10 MINS LATER -------
Leah - sorry for the sp but follow my twitter! go go go
Pat - *sighs*
by EmCasey'97 June 23, 2012
An abbreviation of a Romanian word ''sugi pula'' (read as sooj poola) which means ''suck my dick''
Person 1: Hey nice T-shirt!
Person 2: Thank you, actually it's a second-hand T-shirt.
Person 1: I know, you're too poor for more than that.
Person 2: SP !
by Lawrd August 01, 2013
Seed Point or bonus point (use in torrent sites)
If your ratio is too low, use your SP (seed points) to buy uploads.
by Gensyl December 30, 2013
Short for Standard Practice. Often used as a reply by an individual to another who has told a story or described what they have recently done which is deemed as "standard practice". Is often used sarcastically.
John- " I was wasted last night"
Paul- "SP"
by LarryB1234 July 19, 2010
slam piece.. someone who is ugly or who is just a hook up.. no feelings attached.. just sex
I was drunk, you were just a hookup.. strictly a SP
by walgreensbitchh November 20, 2011
Standard Pressure; 760 torr, 14.7 psi, etc.
Charles' Law works as long as the setup remains at SP.
by Zig April 02, 2003

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