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Abbreviation for "shit my pants" or "shat my pants." Can be used in a variety of situations, most notably whenever something's funny, shocking or horrifying. Also appropriate when referring to an attractive member of the opposite sex. Whenever it's unclear whether a situation is, in fact, funny, shocking or horrifying, it's best to use a qualifier, e.g. "that was S.M.P. hilarious," or, "that was S.M.P. tasteless."
"The lunch lady at the cafeteria is S.M.P. hot!"

girl#1: "What's that smell?"
girl#2: "I S.M.P.'d"

"When Malcolm busted ass on his skateboard, it was so funny I just about S.M.P.'d"

"My mom just about made me S.M.P. when she found me alone with the pet goat."
by midgetgoggles March 02, 2008
Stands for "suck my pussy," derived from one of Sophitia's special grab move in Soul Calibur III, where she takes her opponent's head, puts it between her legs and jumps on the ground jamming her crotch in their face at high velocity. First stated by an intense brown gamer when he was losing in frustration to a stupid white guy, where he rejoiced "suck my pussy" when he won.

Now, SMP is used as the short form, synonymous to Feel It.
Want to face me in Soul Calibur? Get ready to Suck My Pussy!

While I was wrestling Michael, I SMPed that bitch.
by balbir December 15, 2009
"Shit My Pants" It's a non-lame "lol". What's radder, laughting out loud, or shitting your pants while laughing? Ya.
"haahhahha SMP, i literaly shit my pants. You should be on kings of comedy!"
by BOBBY B. May 12, 2004
it means "suck my pussy" its like SMD but for girls :)
sarah: SMP
santiago: when and where?
by harass May 10, 2009
S.M.P, the act or thought to smoke more pot
Shawn what are you doin after school?

S.M.P what else bitch?
by Sloan Ketterman June 01, 2011
Shit my Pants
"Wait hang on guys I just SMP, BRB."
by wushukid February 17, 2014
Standard Missionary Position

...that pretty much sums it up.
She said she preferred SMP...bitch, I like my girls on top.
by lawlercopter111 April 05, 2011
"shaking my penis", similar to "shaking my head" but simply with a different body part. Used to show disbelief, dissatisfaction or extreme satisfaction about a topic.
Those girls shorts are so damn short, smp
by Davey Crockette November 27, 2011