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A frequent player of the indie game minecraft, who is involved and committed to the great community that has formed around it.
Guy:Those minecrafters sure do love {minecraft} i don't get it it looks like virtual building blocks.

Minecrafter: *sigh* you'd have to play it to understand it.
by fladoodlezor July 10, 2011
Someone who plays the indie game Minecraft.

Contrary to popular belief, a Minecrafter is not a lazy bum, rather a person who prefers to use their imagination compared to people who sit around and shoot virtual guns at other players.

Also, someone known as a nerd, geek, etc.
That Minecrafter guy...he sure seems to play it a lot.
by Torcher April 21, 2015
Usualy a fat spoild kid (or man) with no life that has nothing better to do than sit on their fat ass, rather than being an active productive person. Instead they will be a unproductive waste of human resource. If you or a friend plays minecraft, you are incouraged to get a life.
I hate that fat anoying minecrafter.
by I'm not a kid July 07, 2014
A person who has no job and lives in the basement of his parents home. He spends all of his free time playing with virtual Legos and eating pepperoni Hot Pockets.
Minecrafter: I just finished making my Princess Zelda statue and I feel so good about myself! It only took me four straight days! What next?!
Minecrafter's Mother: How about you get a job and stop being such a lazy ass.
by SAMSHAFER November 25, 2010

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