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The acronym is used to ask someone the question "Smoke Me Out".

Which means if one is able to let someone smoke marijuana for free.
in text form:

(562) yoo SMO?
(310) i got some extra trees so im down!
by areWHYayeEN July 28, 2010
Suck Me Off

-A sign of disrespect
When annoyed at someone you say

"you can SMO me".
or "S.M.O me"
by Young Donis April 23, 2009
Cute little Pink thing
Hey! Check out that little smos!
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
cute little pink thing
Hey! look at that little smos
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
Short for the word smokeshow. Indicating someone is absolutely and utterly stunning. They are so hot that smoke is now surrounding them making it almost impossible to touch them. But you cannot resist a smo'.
Hey bro, check out that girl over there, she's a freakin Smo'
by The Bloke. March 01, 2011
1. To partake in the act of having a marijuana cigarette, or spliff.
2. Used by Dog the bounty hunter as means of description when detailing what they intend to do to the person their head hunting.
Son 1: hey brahwhat you gunna do to that poom plex guy when you catch him?
Dog: il pray to the lord to give mercy on his soul, and then s'mo him goood....
by hesthemanwiththegoldentouch May 25, 2009
acronym for smoke me out
I aint got no cash on it. Can you SMO?
by aayyoooo August 21, 2008
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