Sort Me Out, general expression of agreement / happiness.
"Oi Chopper, you wanna play football on the field?"

by barzarc October 29, 2009
S = Spontaneous M = Math O = Orgasm

An acronym used for a(n) math teacher randomly taking a liking to relatively difficult mathamatic equations/problems.
2a+4b=8 *Moans* "Thats a hot binomial!" Thus obtaining an SMO.
by Jozsef Kali January 23, 2008
acronym: suck me off.

common uses: retorts, commands for hoochies, and playful banter.
Police Officer: Your license and registration please...
Neil: SMO!
by Neil F. December 20, 2006
Nobody actually knows what the hell this means, but we think it's the act of being mean. Contrary to popular belief, smo is NOT the act of being mean, nor it is "suck my ovaries" or whatever definitions there are.
Smo is just..smo.
Can be used as an adjective, noun, and a verb. All at the same time. That's right.

Osaka- Smo on!
by i loveeeeeeeeeee free water! March 19, 2009
SMO = Sort me out

Smo is an acronym for "sort me out". Its used to state that you want something that another person has. IT could be anything ranging from ice cream to winning the lottery. its simply a desire to own what another person possesses.
"i just bought a toffee donut" - guy 1
"SMO!!!" - guy 2
" nope, its mine" - guy 1
"okay well then smo me later" - guy 2
by greg ellis March 21, 2008
An acronym for an extremely heavy person. It stands for Super-Morbidly Obese.
If I fly coach, I have to buy two tickets because, being a SMO, I can't fit into just a single seat.
by webgrunt2 December 17, 2007
Slightly-Morbid-Observation. Used in place of lol (laugh-out-loud), when some form of humour is intended, but laughter would obviously be inappropriate.
Person A: Oh man, that test just absolutely killed me.
Person B: Me too, it really deserved to be written today on 06/06 at 6 o'clock. SMO.
Person A: Good call man, good call.
by Shaun McKenna December 02, 2007

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