A person who is mean for the sake of it, usually without reason or intent, but is mean anyways. Smos can be classified further into "bosmos" and "prosmos," depending all on their relative smo-ness.
Very different from a "mo," which is just a smo wannabe.
Izzy: Hurry up! Its psych!
Kevin: Oh my god you smo, you're not even waiting...
by bcut October 18, 2007
Smo = Humpie.
A strange biped humanoid who is prone to revert to his alternate personality when it is least expected.
"Is it Humpie? Is it Smo? Is it an incredibly obscure transsexual? We can't tell, and neither could you."
by Some Rando February 16, 2004
Acronym for the ever popular "Suck Me Off" phrase. Is also used to replace the phrase in a quick manner.
1. Gotdammit, you and your farking dog can SMO 2. #Kvidzone can SMO
by r0b October 24, 2003
Social Media Optimization:

The art and science of maximizing content on task-appropriate Social Media outlets. Generally in support of a Reputation Management campaign.
Automotive Dealer: Can SMO drive buyers to my website and inventory?

WebDeals: Yes, SMO is an excellent method of controlling search results regarding your company, car line(s), location and even your competition!
by WebDeals July 10, 2008
an abbreviation of the popular phrase "Suck Me Off" the word SMO can be used in many different contexts.

As a verb: "SMO me real quick bitch"
As a noun: "Gimme a SMO!"
As an Adjective: "That girl looks like a real SMObag"
by mike labarbara, chris johnson March 04, 2008
Smo, this word is from the old and nearly forgotten stoke dialect that used to be spoken in and around stoke-on-trent. It means small boy.
"Hey there's a smo"
"How's your smo?"
by Taffy69 August 31, 2005
To engage in any number of sexual acts in an incredibly drunk and excessively degrading manner. Often characterized by participating in group sex, forgetting the names of partners, groping ladies in bathrooms, and giving a dirty sanchez or angry dragon. Derived from the nickname of one of the University of Washington's most infamous womanizers, it serves as a substitute for or addition to countless obscenities, vulgar activities, and everyday phrases.
I smo'd the hell out of that girl last night! What was her name again?

Baby, don't stop sucking me off, but I might throw up soon - the whole world is spinning in smo-motion!

Open wide, bitch! I'm about to unleash a smo-storm in your mouth!
by CRC November 22, 2007
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