Suck My Ballz

mostly used with instant messaging
Baribe: Dave you are a dickwad
Dave: smb
by dkuniva June 15, 2007
SMB means - Suck My Balls
Matt "Shut up bobs"

Bobs "Matt, SMB"
by AdAgency March 06, 2007
Formerly "Screaming Monkey Boner". Now "Screaming Mechanical Brain." - A Minneapolis, Minnesota based metal band. They are pretty good.
Did you go to the SMB concert yesterday?
by bobaluya April 25, 2005
(suck my balls) as in (lick my testicals) or (give my testacles pleasure) or (screw u)
Swen89: i dont like u
Justsex89: smb
Swen89: huh?
Justsex89: (suck my balls)
Swen89: oh ok..
by J Train November 25, 2004
Sexy MSN Buddy
Hey You my SMB...

Wuu2 SMB?
by George Barnes October 14, 2008
Spartan Marching Band
Damn, the SMB looks and sounds GREAT today! Must be another crisp fall Saturday afternoon!
by Academic Type January 23, 2005
Sporatic Masturbation Bout - When you just can't stand it anymore. It doesn't matter; back of the classroom, bathroom, under the dining room table, shower, garden, playground, driving.
Man, I was in woodshop and I had a SMB with sandpaper. It was awesome.
by phronemophobia April 13, 2005
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