This is the abbriviation for "Saggy Man Boobs"
You know when guys have too much boob, and they sag? Well then your guy has SMB's.
I couldn't stand to look at him because his SMB's would jiggle whenever he walked.
by Bobsquad August 06, 2005
smack my biatch
The most cooperative, sexy, horny, shy, girl on efnet.

But still sux playing any game online
smackytobtch, smb, alison
by tkg March 21, 2005
Stupid Mormon boy; a nickname given to AI3 contestant, Jon-Peter Lewis
That darn SMB, can't do anything right.
by BWAH January 13, 2005
stands for Speed MasturBation
Man, last night I prank called QVC asking for SMB lubricant and the guy responded, "You should already have that sir."
by Sarkon July 14, 2004
Saint Mary-Basha; Catholic school in Chandler, AZ.
I go to SMB.
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 16, 2004
Word used as an acronym in texting for "Shakin'n My Butt" also known as Twerking. Like SMH: Shakin' My Head.
Guy: This song is good

Girl: It's not just good, it's lit! SMB
by Johnny M123 July 07, 2016
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