Sexy man beast.
"Gahh. Corey Feldman is such a S.M.B."
by YOU ARE SO AWESOME. May 23, 2009
dude1-Let's Play SMB
dude2-OK! I call luigi!
by cr2purple May 22, 2011
smoke mad bowls
After school were gonna smb in my car.
by sammyyyy09 April 17, 2011
The shorther form of "somebody"
Alex! i think smb is coming downstairs!
by axellis June 09, 2006
SMBS:verb: Suck my ball sack. Its a form nicer thzn saying FUCK YOU!, Or saying the literal "suck my ball sack". SMBS (sounds like SMIBS) is a lot "nicer" but still gets the point across.
"Hey Jeff! Your a looser"

"Hey why dont you try SMBS!"
by The wordster August 07, 2008
Acro for "suck my balls"
Hey Norman, smb!!!!!11
by MC Hammer 2K3 January 21, 2004
literally suck my balls, but used more like a taunt. Mainly used by teenagers and adults that havn't got a job yet.
woot i won! smb mtfkr!!!

Translation: Great! I've defeated you. You Suck.
by D-Dawg3000 September 27, 2007

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