SMB means SUCK MY BALLS to be blunt
guy 1 : you are gay
guy 2 : SMB
guy 1 : wot
by tommy bizzle January 09, 2005
Sniff My Bung. Short for Sniff My Bunghole.
The little guy told the bully to S.M.B. This left the bully baffled.
by FishChair August 14, 2007
acronym for "Super Mario Brothers"
Dude, did you see the video of that guy beating smb 3 in 11 minutes?!?! it was h4x0r!
by andr0oz13 December 08, 2003
SMB: Suck My Balls, acronym used for social media, text messaging, etc.
Friend, "Make some food."

Me, "SMB"
by Ky.Free February 23, 2014
means self-made boss. It's describes one who has overcome many struggles and learned how the system works.
1:Damn kennedy has got some street
smarts. He's a smb

2: Hell yeah. Since his parents died,
he's been workin hard to
support himself.
by SBM-nguyen April 17, 2011
smoke mad blunts.
person 1 "who wants to smb and watch the lunar eclipse tonight?!"
person 2 "im down!"
by badbitchhhhhhhhhhhh December 21, 2010
smoke mad blunts
i wish i could stay home this weekend and just smb !
by dripXdrop August 04, 2010

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