A 250 lb. man with Dreds who walks around in a robe with his crack out and sits his bare ass on YOUR pillow.
Oh my god i have just been Sho'd!!!
by Dr. Arbitrary March 18, 2003
Top Definition
Noun. Acronym.
Shake Hit Of Death. (Marijuana)
Be careful, Champ, I loaded you a SHOD.
by John Doja April 24, 2007
Acronym for 'Slam Head on the Desk'.
Kinda like slamming ones head on a wall after doing something stupid.
Person: "I just closed the program and lost all my work. *shod*"
by Manderinos May 06, 2009
Country-fried Southern for "shed" as in shedding an old skin, habit, person, etc. Getting rid of something.
I done got shod of that old car.
by BellaAyla May 29, 2007
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