Special Forces. Used in the military and miltary wannabes.
rick: Dude i wanna be SF when i enlist.
Dude: You're hardcore.
by kilo15 November 20, 2005
sucka free... being cool and without restraints. Originated in San Francisco- thus, SF
The city by the bay is sf!
by Ckopapyk September 14, 2004
Speculative fiction. Includes science fiction and fantasy.
You'll find Star Wars novels in the SF section.
by Damian Yerrick January 29, 2004
"Self freedom". Freeing yourself, sexually. i.e. Masturbation
Dude, I like totally SF-ed 5 times yesterday...I'm dry.
by Ashley March 27, 2005
Senses Fail, a post-hardcore band from New Jersey.

VOX - James 'Buddy' Nielsen
Guitar - Garrett Zablocki
Bass - Mike Glita
Drums - Dan Trapp
(Former Guitar - Dave Miller)
A: Did you see SF at Warped 06?
B: Yeah, man, it was crazy!
A: Especially when Buddy came down to the crowd, man.
by laurenthelame July 17, 2006
Sour Face......a facial frowm in response to an awkward moment.
1) Oh, that bitch was SF.

2) After your friends notice your foul mood, you might here them say..." stop being so sf "
by Biasotti November 09, 2005
The creator of 75.43% of all EFNet IRC traffic (*see: Eris Free Network, IRC). His sad devotion to telling epic stories in as many lines as possible sometimes annoys those around him, however his sexy man-charms, gaping wide anal pore, and care-free attitude make him an endearing companion.
1 Example of praise -> "sF is teh r0x0r".
2 Example of homoeroticism -> -%- (_sF) sF bends over, lubes up, looks through his legs, and winks at pX
by mysterious stranger July 16, 2003

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