Single Female; used in personal adds for someone who accepts people of all races.
SWM seeks SF for BDSM
by the dude of life May 04, 2008
1. San Francisco, California
A city on the west coast of the US

2. Special Forces

SF is also an acronym used to describe the special forces of the military, whichever one that may be.

Some examples of Special Forces units are:

Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, Land), United States
Army Green Berets, United States
Army Delta Force, United States
SAS (Special Air Service), United Kingdom
Spetsnaz, Russia and Former U.S.S.R
Kampschwimmer, Germany
Commandos Marine, France
1. San Francisco is a beautiful city

2. Guy 1: Wow, that guy made it into the SF

Guy 2: Yeah, he must be good
by megachiken21 October 10, 2008
noun. to be weak, gay, newb.
a d2 clan known for using AA in clan duels to win, as that is ther eonly hope, also known to pray to god for help when dueling good clans.
that clan uses AA and duels like a bunch of sF newbs.
by sF-Holo July 27, 2004
Sexually Frustrated; Feelings of defeat and discouragement concerning one's sex life.
I haven't had sex in five months... I'm completely and utterly SF.
by Alex March 28, 2005
Stupid fuck
Man A: fu sf
Man B: well fu
by Blom September 03, 2003
stripper fucker, triangle theory, pl
abbr. for stripper fucker
Don't try to keep up with Kevin. Better to just chill out 'n keep your money in your pocket, holmes. YMMV but he is the king of the sfs.
by seamus shane December 01, 2006
Secretly Fat. Someone who looks great when clothed, but during a hook up, you realize he/she is secretly fat.
After yesterday afternoon's hookup, Chris realized that underneath the sharp looking suits, Todd was actually SF.
by Carlito in Adams Morgan March 20, 2006

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