Also S.D. - Sugar Daddy, or a dating male who will spend lavish amounts of money on the recipient, typically a female. This may take the form of cash, presents or luxury items bought to keep the recipient happy.
"I'm Looking for an SD relationship"
by Andy the bald bartender April 10, 2008
Abbreviated form of the phrase "Sweet Deal". Used when you have come across a great situation and you have little time to say the word in its uncompacted form.
A Buy 1, get 1 free promotion is an SD
by maidenheaven June 01, 2005
Sex Doll - A very attractive, small woman that is petite.
"That SD was great last night"
by ilovethecack May 06, 2003
gangsta pimp mother fucker
that stu downie is a sd
by stuart downie September 09, 2003
To call out a newbie in a flame match.
Stop pulling SDs man.
by fdsaasdf October 17, 2003
The author and creator of the `sdbot`
SD coded the sdbot
by paxor4lyfe July 08, 2003
A girl who is really short say about 4'11 -5'4 tall.
" Ehhh yeaaaa SD"
by Kertef_Corobo May 07, 2003

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