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Someone who uses acronyms a lot.

They may misuse said acronyms.

The Patey, despite all this, is a very funny person.
'Geez man, what's with all the lol'ing and lmfao'ing? You are such a Patey.'

'You're so funny, you're a Patey dude'

'Hey, your acronyms are being used inappropriately. Stop being such a Patey- Its just not cool.'
by Therealashes June 25, 2009
Something that is incredibly, mind-numbingly boring. You want to shoot yourself in the face it's that boring.
'Man she is so boring on facebook- her status's are sooo SD'

'I wish he'd stop going on about how having children is going to end his social life. Its starting to be very SD'
by Therealashes June 25, 2009

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