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Sweet dreams, used in a messenger conversation
by Sofiamore April 21, 2011
Small dick syndrome, when guys are shy to get there penis out to girls, because its small and there insecure about it.
ollie :Harry Dewson has s.d.s
bella : yes i know his dick is tiny i gave him head
ollie : haha everyone says that
by bada4321 October 20, 2011
Internet abbreviation for 'send' (usually used for emails and ocassionally PMs).
A: ill sd u dat super awesome game if you sd me that super awesome movie
B: u mean that afv submission dat never got sded?
by JQPublic January 23, 2012
Sugar Daddy. This is commonly used for males with $, advertising/postiong, looking for companionship.
Any ladies in South Burbs 18-25 yo $eeking a SD?
by Spider8008 October 29, 2011
A abbreviation for "suck dick", it can be altered to correctly fit the sentence gramatically.

The term was originally coined by Aren, who used it with the letter M in the middle, rendering it SMD, "suck my dick".
"Go SD you fag!"

Person 1: "Fuck you!"
Person 2: "S my D bitch."

"Have you ever S'ed D?"

Angry Student: "SMD"
Teacher: "What?"
by go S a D December 24, 2005
Super-deformed. In anime and manga, when a character is drawn cartoonishly short, about 3 heads high and has deexagerated limbs (i.e. having mitt-like hands, or long stubs for arms). Characters are often shown super-deformed when characters get in comical situations. Often used interexchangibly with chibi, though technically, they're twoi separate, yet similar things.
by Danny Sotelo May 04, 2003
Acronym for, Slydog
1: someone who gets with sluts when they are already in a relationship.

2: someone who does something on the sly.
Danny I cann't believe you slipped that lass one up the arse when your married. Such a SD you are.

Fucking SD mate, as if you managed to get me 50 condoms without anyone seeig you.
by Dan Bates January 30, 2008