Short form for stoned. Potheads have created this word as they found using short forms made it easier to comunicate with one another.
"look at you man, your fucking s'd!"
"im soooo s'd right now"
"lets get some taco bell for after we get super s'd"
"black guys eyes always look like they are s'd."
by Kzeuss January 24, 2006
Small dick syndrome, when guys are shy to get there penis out to girls, because its small and there insecure about it.
ollie :Harry Dewson has s.d.s
bella : yes i know his dick is tiny i gave him head
ollie : haha everyone says that
by bada4321 October 20, 2011
Sugar Daddy. This is commonly used for males with $, advertising/postiong, looking for companionship.
Any ladies in South Burbs 18-25 yo $eeking a SD?
by Spider8008 October 29, 2011
Super-deformed. In anime and manga, when a character is drawn cartoonishly short, about 3 heads high and has deexagerated limbs (i.e. having mitt-like hands, or long stubs for arms). Characters are often shown super-deformed when characters get in comical situations. Often used interexchangibly with chibi, though technically, they're twoi separate, yet similar things.
by Danny Sotelo May 04, 2003
Internet abbreviation for 'send' (usually used for emails and ocassionally PMs).
A: ill sd u dat super awesome game if you sd me that super awesome movie
B: u mean that afv submission dat never got sded?
by JQPublic January 23, 2012
Same Day. Used when describing tv ratings - live and same day.
Number of viewers Live+SD.
by cableguytk October 18, 2007
Serious Discussion. Used in the internet forums to describe a thread. It is used to discuss serious topics, not for whoring. In this type of threads generally there is a lot of arguing.
(SD) How many more children must die in schools before america says no to guns?
by morrissey02 April 21, 2007

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