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Perhaps the shittiest, least skillfull and most noobish clan in existence. Has several MOHAA servers, all of which suck horribly due to their lack of talented players. Anyone who plays with more than an ounce of skill should avoid these servers, as they will be kicked for hacking/cheating. Not surprisingly, this clan has never and will never be on any respectable ladder because of their inability to compete. To all the best MOHAA clans... CLOWN, TUS, enigma, MoA, rotp, NoD... Stay away, their noobishness may just as well wear off on you.
OMG! I missed another pathetically easy shot... If I sucked anymore I would have to play on the SCS server!
by Co.E clan is even worse... June 19, 2006
small cock syndrome.
gav. "who's that prick driving past in the shit car/bike with a big bore exhaust and/ or loud music with the windows down?"
dave. " dont know but he's obviously got a severe case of SCS!"
by rotherham dave September 01, 2006
Sniveling Cunt Syndrome

A particularly whiny female generally faking or embeleshing an illness.

Or a particularly whiny male that has graduated from "little bitch"... usually referring to a homosexual male.
"The patient has an unusually low tolerance for normal bouts of pain and discomfort, she seems possibly lonely and this is the 3rd time this week she has called 911 for small problems." Diagnosis: SCS
by tsunjo September 03, 2008
Surprise Closet Secks (lolz)

The act of throwing someone in the closet, yelling surprise and then vigorously make sweet passionate love to them, unless they say no with in 5 seconds then you mustn't secks them up or you will be charged with rape, or if its a prostitute, slut, or whore you will be charged with theft.
person1: Oh hey_______.
person2: -throws person one in closet- SURPRISE!!!!!1
person1:AHHHH SCS!!!!
person2:-starts making love vigorously- OHHHHH YAHHHH
by Jacque Mayhophe May 03, 2010
"Single Child Syndrome" - a condition suffered by only children where they have difficulty with sharing and dealing with attention that is not focused on them. It is not unusual for sufferers of this condition to also be tight asses.
John - "I saw Frank sneak off to the bar and buy drinks for himself"

Bill - "don't worry about it dude I've been buying drinks for him all night, he suffers from SCS"
by Interista1908 April 04, 2009
sudden change syndrom; a person in which is changed by other people. People as in "the popular ones" tell one to do something; as in changing themselves.
1. "The cool guys" told a new Friend of theirs to shave his head... and the new kid did so...

2. A really good friend of joe's gave him a present (air freshener)... and other people didn't like it, so Joe threw it away
by advantage July 19, 2003
A all girls private school in Toronto. It has the some of the bitchiest girls and worst teachers. Dont ever come here! Also stands for Socially Challenged Sluts
Wow that girl at scs is a realy scs bitch!
by scs sucks March 04, 2005

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