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1. noobish behavior.
2. a noobish act or idea.
2. The atmosphere of a place inhabited by noobs
Guy1: That guy keeps team killing
(Noob shoots him in head)
Guy2: Oh my God!!! Stop this noobishness!

Noob:Look at this! I got Recon armor!!!
Guy: Dude, cut the noobishness.

I quit because the pregame lobby was filled with noobishness.
by 1337357 N008 May 08, 2008
15 2
1. Foolishness, stupidity

2. An act or acts that classify someone as noob
1. Noob: How did you get that kill? I hit you first!
Guy: Okay I'm sick of this noobishness. I'm out. (leaves game)

2. (Noob is teamkilling)
Host: Hey cut the noobishness before I fucking boot you.
by 1337357 N008 April 20, 2008
6 4
the adjective of someone that is a noob. noob stemmed from the latin root newbie means someone that is new to something.
person 1: i heard u made out with ryan
person 2: yea, it was aight, he didnt kno wat he was doing tho
person 1: yea well someone had to take his noobishness away
by daggish February 02, 2010
1 2