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Sniveling Cunt Syndrome

A particularly whiny female generally faking or embeleshing an illness.

Or a particularly whiny male that has graduated from "little bitch"... usually referring to a homosexual male.
"The patient has an unusually low tolerance for normal bouts of pain and discomfort, she seems possibly lonely and this is the 3rd time this week she has called 911 for small problems." Diagnosis: SCS
by tsunjo September 03, 2008
The tapered end of a piece of poop. It's cause is your anal muscles clamping shut upon the end of the exit of the aforementioned excretion.
Thanks to the fact that my my poops have a turd taper, my bunghole does not Slam Shut!
by tsunjo September 06, 2008
Any variation of yard markers referring to the distance you could punt a dog.
"That chihuaua is pretty small... I'd say at least a 40 yarder."
by tsunjo September 05, 2008
Microsoft affective disorder: employees of Microsoft or other groups of "tekkies" who seen to live communally in groups of immigrants who by not understanding the way things work do silly things like call 911 at inappropriate times.
Her son is 23 and complained of a headache and is concerned that he may be suffering from his allergy to BEEF. So she called 911.

Allergy? C'mon!!!!??

Diagnosis: MAD .
by tsunjo September 07, 2008
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