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Supreme Council of Armed Forces, a group of 20 bad ass senior Egyptian military officials described as basically the bastards of the dictator Mubarak. They took over power of presidency in Egypt following the fall of their boss. They have followed the foot steps of the criminal in crushing the protesters, taking civilians to military courts, delaying prosecutions for corrupt ex regime figures, encouraging police forces to attack demonstrators thus curbing the revolution. SCAF is always mistaken for Stretched Cunt Ass Fuck, which is a similar meaning.
A: Have you heard what the SCAF been doing lately in Cairo

B: yeah man that's fuck ass cunt stretching going on there!
by egyptiano July 04, 2011
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A mink, some one who has no money.
Sarah is a scaf, she cant even afford shoes.
by Shane May 02, 2003
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Acronym for Super cute as fuck.

Used in situations where things are just way too cute.
You're looking SCAF today.

or for even cuter situations

You two are just super SCAF.
by JohnnyJohn11 July 06, 2013
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While in position "ahh how about a Stretched Cunt Ass Fuck!"
or SCAF...
in ref to The Ass Master movie.
by Ass Master 3000 March 18, 2008
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Simultaneous Cough And Fart
Oh, man, did you just scaf?
by rjj7 May 22, 2010
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