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Stubborn, authoritarian and sticky leader. Often this is the case due to being delusional and out of touch with common sense and people.
Ali: Dude, when is the president stepping down?
Omar: I have no idea dude.
Ali: It has been ages since the demonstrations began.
Omar: I guess he's a Mubarak.
Ali: Totally.
by mshamma February 01, 2011
1-When a turd-like entity stays longer than is required or wanted, usually brings the mood down.

2-To be unwanted ,but stay around.
Dude,I wanted to go to sleep except that douche stayed after all of my other party guests left,what a Mubarak.

Joe got drunk and then Mubaraked the bar last night, even the ugly girls didn't want him around.
by EZ343 February 08, 2011
3.Amazing style - just like Chuck Bass
4.Great Sense of Humour
I want to be just like Mubarak!
by littlescribbles January 01, 2012
may be used as a verb or a noun

1) to stick around especially when not wanted
2) to be a pain in everyone's ass

1) an extremely annoying thing that just won’t go away quick enough
2) an unpleasant person/thing that will eventually admit defeat but will drag his ugly ass feet the whole way there
-verb example:
"ugh, that disgusting guy at the club kept hitting on girls and would not take a hint. he just kept mubaraking."

-noun example:
"this cold and cough has been weighing me down for almost 30 years. it’s such a mubarak.”
by seli 2011 February 06, 2011
Someone who just wouldn't budge. Someone who likes to stick around even when he's not wanted.
"Oh man, here comes Jack" Friend 1

"Oh no! He's such a Mubarak. He'd stick around for ever, even when I make it so obvious that no one wants him around" Friend 2
by yazoooo February 07, 2011
to intentionally stay when asked or forced to leave
I got fired from my job but I'm mubaraking it.
by Thrilla from Manila February 10, 2011

To stick something, or to glue something.

Mubarak (adj.):

slow to learn or understand.

Mubarak (n.):

a psychotic ex-boyfriend who fails to understand……… it’s freaking over!
dude, i broke up with you three months ago. stop calling me your girlfriend, you're being a mubarak.
by oberrans February 11, 2011
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