The chemical symbol for Antimony, a toxic heavy metal.
Person A: Did you hear about those Zhu Zhu Pets?

Person B: Yeah, i hear the kids are going crazy over those things.

Person A: Dude, they've got Sb in them.

Person B: WHAT?! ANTIMONY?!?!?! First the baby toys with lead paint, then the McDonald's Shrek glasses with cadmium paint, now ANTIMONY in KIDS' TOYS?!?! Is ANYTHING safe anymore?!?!

Person A: Dude, calm down. The old lady in the apartment below us is banging on the ceiling...

Person B: Oh... Sorry Mrs. Jenkins!
by H3X0 July 01, 2011

a) Secret!Because
-Used on the anonymous LiveJournal community Fandom!Secrets

b) the reason behind someone's lame/embarrassing/saved-me-from-suicide secret pertaining to their fandom/favorite characters or pairings
I hate Hetalia. S!B: all my friends love it and I'm afraid to tell them
by SirEdwin November 13, 2010
noun. (pl. same) also,S13
Comes from a Chinese words

Pronounces Sha bi,means "Stupid Bitch".
In fact, Sha = 傻(stupid),Bi = 屄(pussy).
If you play online games in China or chat with some Chinese lowlives you'll see it many times.
A is singing in the midnight
B: You are the person between SA and SC.
A: SB,watch your mouth!
A: Screw your sister SB!

C: Look! Two SB are talkin bout SB!
D: WTF? Scientiae Baccalaureus ??
E: ...the World is full of SB !
by nobia May 29, 2010
meaning stoner bitch, or stupid bitch.
"i heard there might be a few SBs at the party tonight."
by cROtCHinfESTER July 20, 2011
abreviated form of SEXY BEAST
johnny: woah man your'e such an SB
by sexybeast69 March 11, 2008
The abbreviation that teachers give to students who are use to getting their way all the time.
S.B.S Spoiled Brat Syndrome.
He is use to his mom letting him do whatever he wants so he thinks he can do this in my classroom. He has S.B.S.
by tmlesher March 01, 2007
sexual blanket
boy lies on girl
GIRL - 'you're a sexual blanket'
boy - 'eer thanks'
girl - 'I will call you sb'
boy - 'this will never stick'

...3 years later

by sbss February 09, 2015

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