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The acroynm for the term, smug bastard. Often used to describe a person who is highly sure of themselves. Can be used in a conversation when someone is being a snob-like douche hole.
Joanna is such an sb just because she got a raise.
#assholes #jerks #pucca shells #douche #fist pumping
by Refused August 31, 2010
The "Douche Move" is a hand gesture meant to demonstrate when a friend or acquaintance does something stupid and douche-like.

Douche Move Gesture Steps:

1) Listen and wait
2) When you hear the trigger sentence coming from the douche-hole, pick which hand you`ll be using
3) Raise your hand
4) With your one hand, place it erect on top of your head. Think of a shark fin or a mohawk.
5) Proceed to wiggle your fingers

This completes the movement. If you wish to top it off, make a disgusted face. If the douche does not understand, you will leave with the smug satisfaction of an insult well played.
Jim: Man, I am such a ladies man. Like, you don't even understand because I'm too cool.

Bill: Sure, Jim. You're a real ladies man.
Jim: I mean, look at me. Who need a polar bear to break the ice when you have me.
Bill: *douche move*
#idiot #insult #shark #mohawk #smug
by Refused August 31, 2010
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