SB is a very common chinese slang for "dumbass, moron", pronounced "shar-bee", used by every generation in China, from teens to grandpas.
Two chinese guys were riding bicycles. All of a sudden, one guy spit up in the air, the guy behind him caught some of his saliva in his face, then went furious.

MAN1: Hey! Hey!!! @#&#$!!!

MAN2: Huh??? SB!!!

MAN1: @#&%$!#$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by China-dude October 30, 2012
Sprung Bitch

To be head over heals for a person, something, a multitude of people; thus, causing you to be a man whore or a slut.
He's such an SB. Always with his girlfriend all the time.
by DingusDann December 17, 2013
SB is short for Shit Bloke. You may use this term when one of your mates is being a "Shit Bloke".

To be called an SB you might have done the following:
- Not turning up to your mates birthday dinner because you're a whipped cunt
- Taking a girl off one of your mates
- Doing a dog act thing to one of your mates
- Not shouting your mates

Or anything that you consider to be an SB act!
"hey man i'm talking to the girl you're tuning" "SB!
by pdog4 July 15, 2011
Abbreviation for Starbucks.
"Hey, wanna meet up for coffee?"
"Sure! Meet you at SB?"
by Stansx May 01, 2010
commonly used on facebook and stands for "Side-Bar"

used when adding a thought that doesn't have to relate to what was written before it..

If you still don't understand it, think of when you're writing a letter.. SB is the same as when you say 'PS.' at the end, because you forgot an important point.
Happy New Years Ev everyone!!! sb, birthday in 7months!
by annonymouslife December 31, 2009
SB is the acronym for Spunk Bucket, a lady of very loose morals who has several gentlemen a week ejaculating inside her
Fash is gonna get a dose of the clap if he dips his self into pd, the blokes she gets through she's a right SB, she should start selling wallpaper paste!
by davethejag February 24, 2009
SB = any sort of boner. Specifically a Spontaneous boner. This slang is created, to be able to talk about any sort of boners in front of a girl, without them knowing the definition.
a hot girl passes by...."ohh dude, SB!"
or, if u get a boner in class, u would like to share with friends...."man, i just got an SB!"
by CYMAN (Windsor) August 17, 2008

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