Dina is a born actress. A mysterious, intellegent, beautiful, exotic, sneaky, women. She lives her life leaving permanente foot prints in every ones heart and mind she meets even the ones she hurts, she gets everything she wants and gets away with everything she does. She has a hypnotizing way with people. You just can't get enough of her mystery and beauty even when you know her sexy devilish ways. she's dangerous yet everyone that she passes falls permanently in love with her.
Dina fooled me into loving her and toke all I had, but still I can't get enough of her.

I wish I can stay away from dina but her mysterious ways are irresistable.
by alexey and the crew October 24, 2006
A beautiful, flawless young lady who everyone falls in love with. In her spare time, she enjoys being awesome and fantastic. She also enjoys saving the world just by being herself. In addition, she has many friends and is quite popular; in fact, she is part of a famous band that makes great music. Overall, Dina is talented in every aspect. Be jealous.
"Dude, that girl looks like Megan Fox"

"Actually it's someone even better: it's Dina!"
by deensters February 04, 2010
real beauty. overflowing with love, humour and insight. clear, consise and understood. A light in darkness, an umbrella in the rain. The only one you need.
I got Dina. Dina is here, all is good. Put Dina on.
by jofomaster July 06, 2009
A wonderfully cute little leprechaun who lives in Los Angeles, prancing around in search of flab, candy, and cuteness. Dina's hobbies include pestering Lizeths everywhere!
"Dina! Come back with my Cocoa Pebbles!"
by Dina March 18, 2004
Dina is a very talented woman in both academic and extra curricular activites. Shes loves writing, sketching and photography. She is a freelance photographer having endless opportunities that enhance her talent and make her rich. She loves eating cuapao and having coffee with her friends. She loves the rain and sunsets. She hates cats and want to run after them. She is also my girlfriend. The best woman i have ever known. Dina is bee bee!
Dina, you are the best girlfriend ever!
by Patrick Cuison November 27, 2007
A female who lays claim but not ownership. She will rob you of your soul. You'll want to be her john 'cause she's got skills. You'll benefit from being with her, but if you're expecting I love you, you'll only get ditto!
I've found the dina of my dreams.
by joed9999 February 03, 2010
The woman of fortune born and destined to be in wedlock with a male following the religion of Hinduism rhyming with manveer mingh so Ranveer Singh. Who she will spend the rest of her life with. Keeping him very happy and satisfied as a partner. She may also have a very strong desire along her path of marriage to have an affair with a man whose origins are from Peshawar, Pakistan who worked up his fame to stardom whose name means prince like khan; {shah rukh khan}. A woman with great destiny and fortune.
Wow she's so lucky being married and having ranveer singh tied around her finger and she has shah rukh khan lusting her. She must be a Dina.

My jigar ka tukhda? Must be a Dina.

Oh lahu moon lag Gaya? He must've kissed a Dina.

Silsila yeh chahat ka na maina bujj ne diya, she's a true lover for never losing passion. Definitely a Dina.

Ishq Tera dishkqayoon? It's a Dina

She turned as red as a Dina!
by Dina July 28, 2014

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