SB is the acronym for Spunk Bucket, a lady of very loose morals who has several gentlemen a week ejaculating inside her
Fash is gonna get a dose of the clap if he dips his self into pd, the blokes she gets through she's a right SB, she should start selling wallpaper paste!
by davethejag February 24, 2009
Annotation of: Side Boob
The partial exposure of breast from the side angle.
The only exposure of a breast is from the side. eg you can view SB just under the arm pit. Typically this term is applied to females only, but on occasions, can be used for the male form.
by Tmesitergeneral March 27, 2013
stupid boy
Gary: I lost my wallet today.
Felix: sb.
by Mr. nb September 08, 2011
An abbreviation That stands for a nickname.
A cute nickname that two loves use for eachother. Like i love my SB, shes sweet like sugar or i Love my SB hes sexy.<3
i Love My SB .<3333
by BabyCosmiik May 15, 2011
1)An abbreviation for Skinny Bitch
2) What you call a friend when they do something a weak/frail person would do
Ex 1:

God, Amanda and her clique are a bunch of skanky SBs

Ex 2: (after your friend tries to spike the volleyball but fails and only brushes her fingertips against it)

You: Haha SB moment :P
by LittleMissFrosted September 02, 2010
1.Stoner Buddy
2. greatest person ever
3.Someone you love to death
I love you my wonderful SB.
by joyriddr March 07, 2008
Adjective: SEXY BITCH, someone who is attractive, educated, has money and very well respected with a good amount of arrogance. People often look at this person with admiration.
Did you see that girl in the club last night with the louboutin shoes and gucci bag. She was pretty as hell too, now thats an SB!
by CBELLA January 19, 2008

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