Sweaty Ass Syndrome
When your butt starts to sweat, you are experiencing SAS. Usually during an awkward situation, in certain buildings, or sitting for too long.
by GuelphMan July 10, 2011
1. noun, A douchebag of a common variety; somebody who you have the constant urge to punch in the face (typically male)
2. noun, An elitist or member of high society who holds other lower class people in contempt
3. adjective, Elitist; haughty
See that guy with the Yale blazer and Bluetooth headset? Yeah man, what a fuckin sas
by Nitely Anne Dailee September 05, 2010
1. Sas stands for Sex After Sixty, which of course refers to someone over the age of sixty that still engages in sexual activities.

2. Sas can also stand for Severally Addicted to Scrubs. This can stand for two things:

A. This can refer to a person who usually dates or has sexual encounters with people who are dirty or scumbags.

B. It can also refer to someone who constantly watches the hospital comedy show "Scrubs".
Old-man Greg is definitely having sas with Jenna.

Andrew is such a sas. He can't stop watching that show.
by JD The Vanilla Bear August 28, 2010
"Suck and Swallow"
This girl asked me if I wanted a BJ and I said as long as you SAS
by saffsa April 27, 2010
"silly as sh*t"
used similar to lol

or can be used describing something/someone

"there's a red duck across the street" "that's sas"
by APretty December 14, 2009
Squishy Ass Syndrome

You know, that gross feeling you get when you don't wipe good enough.
Girl: Why are you walking so funny?

Boy(just leaving bathroom): I have SAS, leave me alone.
by dirkkirk March 27, 2009
Sunday afternoon syndrome.

that miserable feeling you get when you realise you have to go to school/work the next day
urgh ive got sas so badly today. i cant believe how quickly the weekend went by!
by Hannah2105 March 10, 2008

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