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A response to someone talking bull shit/bollocks on a specific subject
Bollocks talker: the special effects are inoculous to those who are long sighted partially sighted or otherwise blind.

Listener: uncyclopedia !
by vibeAdvice October 02, 2006
Watching videos on Youtube, or any general internet time wasting in a lunch break.
Elliot: Fancy going for a pizza?

Raplh: No, i'm thinking of just pulling a youtube lunch
by vibeAdvice September 30, 2006
A person who partakes in very few football activities. They do not go to football on saturdays, but own an England shirt and support a football team they have very few links with. They also regularly watch Soccer Am and play golf.
guy 1: I see you've got Tottenham on Wednesday night, why don't you go up with Danny, he supports Tottenham doesn't he?
guy 2: Nah he's just an England fan.
by vibeAdvice December 02, 2006
A reference to a group of people or persons able to participate in a single activity for extended amounts of time.
I was up with the stamina crew at One Nation last night, raving til 6 in the morning.

I was stamina crew last night, started my english coursework at 10, didn't finish til 3 in the morning!
by vibeAdvice December 02, 2006
calculating the amount won or lost on a fruit machine binge and how it effects your total kung fu money for the night.
Can we not go in just yet, i'm just fruitulating to see how many vodka red bulls i can afford.
by vibeAdvice December 18, 2006
Shabba and Skibba
dnb MCs
Shabba: do you think the music's too loud?!

by vibeAdvice December 02, 2006

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