A small group of these guys could wipe out a medium-sized enemy encampment within 2 minutes and disappear into the night.

They are the best because they train to be the best. An SAS training course lasts for 6 months and has only a 1 - 3% pass rate.

Notable SAS operations include:

Operation Nimrod - terrorist siege on the Iranian embassy in London, 1980. Considered the most famous and successful hostage rescue in the world. 5 out of six gunmen were killed and 19 hostages were saved.

The Pebble Island Raid - Raid during the Falklands War in 1982 on an Argentinian air base. 11 Argentinian aircraft were destroyed.

The Loughgall Ambush - massacre of the IRA East Tyrone Brigade in 1987. The SAS attacked eight IRA members who had just bombed an RUC station. All eight bombers were killed.

Operation Barras - the rescue of eleven British soldiers held captive by Sierra Leone's notorious West Side Boys. At least 25 rebels were killed and 18 captured, including the rebel leader. Unfortunately one SAS soldier was killed in action.
The SAS - not people to mess with.
by Mr Munchkins March 04, 2008
the best special force in the world by far, just say "stop it or will send in the sas" will make the people shit them selfs
ow god ow god we all going to die, there sending in the SAS
by kermitor March 19, 2008
Special Air Service.
Britain and Australia's special forces, among some other countries

Perfect example of people NOT to fuck with. If you picked a fight with one of them, you would be subdued in less than 2 seconds

Drunken guy with a knife: You wanna fight with me?
SAS guy: Fine.
2 seconds later;
Drunken guy: Fuck, where's my legs gone?
SAS Guy: My round?
by cvjadgnjbo May 22, 2008
1) A word used with a noun describing a family member to execute the perfect comeback.

2) An elite counter terrorist unit within the British army.

3) The only known force to defeat chuck norris.
1) Billy: yo dad has a maggot
timmy: my dads in the sas
Billy's brother : oh shit billys dead

2) Dont fuck with the best till you fucked with the rest.

3) chuck norris' place of burial is within saturns rings as the nuclear fallout caused by his death can kill all humankind.
by aj...pow March 31, 2009
An expression in which the definition of this word can be defined by the tone in which the word was said. In most cases it means to express things such as: 'Okay', 'cool', let's do it!', 'ready!'.
Began to be popular in the city of Downey and later spread throughout the city of Long Beach.
Person 1: "Are you ready to go?" Person 2: "sas!"

Example 2
Person 1: "Wohoo the Dodgers won!"
Person 2: "SAS!"
by LJU Warrior August 21, 2011
Scandinavian Airline Systems

National airline of norway, sweden and finland

not as cool as THE sas, sadly
I flew SAS last week. i wanted some army guys to bust out the back bog, but it never happened
by johnboyuk August 20, 2006
A not-so-well-known-acronym of St Andrews Seniors. A less known use for the acronym "SAS" is for the Special Air Service. SAS is pronounced as a word instead of S-A-S. Not to be confused with the Pentagon in Washington, as both are pretty legendary. Impregnable fortress located in Bancroft Ave, Roseville, Underground Nuclear Shelter in Australia.
The SAS are British Special Forces.
I went to Sas and it was legnedary!!
by alxwill September 21, 2011

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