Sunday afternoon syndrome.

that miserable feeling you get when you realise you have to go to school/work the next day
urgh ive got sas so badly today. i cant believe how quickly the weekend went by!
by Hannah2105 March 10, 2008
Special Air Service. Britain's L337 CT squad.
"You taste your ass sweat?"
by pro-nun-see-A-shun July 07, 2003
Shag's a Shag
One looses all standards in women once under the influence of alcohol and therefore will fuck anything/anyone.

Happy Matt: You gonna fuck that fat hoe?

Bernard: Yeah man, don't tell anyone though!

Happy Matt: Hey man! SAS, Shag's a Shag!
by LozzaK902 January 18, 2009
noun: short for shitty ass; shortened from sass, so as to differentiate if from 'sass' (meaning cool or edgy). Following the UK name for the Special Armed Service (marine commandos) Sas also has connotations of venturing into dangerous places no one else would brave. Someone who does this is a sasser.

verb: to sas - to do someone up the arse, but using their own fecal matter as a lubricant.
That guy is one mother sasser! He sassed my sister thrice. SHe has a real sas, but I think she may have told him it was chocolate.
by havers May 16, 2009
1. (noun.) stinking ass syndrome
2. (noun.) stinking anal syndrome
commmonly reffered to as the odor reaking from someones anal cavity; sometimes resembling crap and or body odor. Often times used as a code word referring to the owner of the defined stinch, while keeping the suspected party inconspicuous to the term and or meaning.
a. most times the term refers to an over-the-road truck driver or white trash

(While standing in a long line you and your buddy smell a foul stinch your buddy looks at you and says,) (all the while never revealing to the suspect that he or she stinks)

The term is an acronym for the phrase "smiling at screen". This is to replace the commonly used acronym "lol" (laugh out loud).

This is used more in the business setting when talking via AIM or any other online chatting service. You in no instance will ever truly be laughing out loud while at work; you will chuckle at best.
kevin: hey did you read that email chuck sent?
jay: yea i got it while i was in a meeting. made me sas.
by neil b patel November 11, 2008
Not to be confused with Britian's Special Air Service, S.A.S. refers to "sweaty ass syndrome", or ass-crack sweat.

Sweat from the lower back accumulates in the crack of one's ass (usually men) and forms wet stains on thier boxers, sometimes permanently if the sweat is mixed with fecal matter.

Usually treated with a "manpon", or wadded-up handful of toilet paper inserted into the asscrack.
"That construction worker's got S.A.S. so bad, the seat of his jeans look like he wet himself.
by J.Knox May 05, 2008
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