Scorched Anus Syndrome
Oh man - I have SAS after all that Indian food.
by silverstreak December 06, 2007
Stupid Ass Shit
Dude i'm Sick of SAS!!
Man i spent the whole day yesterday working on SAS.
are you ready for some SAS action?
by Emam Fatah October 26, 2008
"Sexy And Stoned"; An acronym for a group of elite stoners from the humble town of Ramona, California. The original members are D-Von, Matty, Kevin, J-Cap, and Ian. The word can also stand for a variety of things including: Starburst And Skittles, Sexy Ass Seniors, Smart And Succesful, Social And Sophisticated, Secrets Among Society, etc... whatever comes to mind. The true definition, intended to be secret, was revealed during the summer of 2008 by well-known member "J-Cap" who spilled the beans to his gossip spreading girlfriend while under scrutinizing interrogation. From that day on, the people of Ramona now refer to the group name as "Sexy and Stoned".
Kevin: "Did you bring the SAS material?"
Devan: "Yea, did you bring the SAS tool?"
Kevin: "I sure did. Let's have a SAS night!"
Devan: "We are going to be so Sexy And Stoned!"
by Bubba Skeet September 18, 2008
The SAS is a British spec-ops fighting force. (Special Air Services)one of the two most effective and efficient fighting groups in the world. the other is the navy SEALS. there is a rivary that is even visable here on UD between these wo EQUAL fighting groups.
the SAS deployed into the ship from the helicopter while the SEALS arrived by boat
by jbauer111 February 14, 2008
Shabba and Skibba
dnb MCs
Shabba: do you think the music's too loud?!

by vibeAdvice December 02, 2006
A street slang for "steal, with or without force". Also an abbreviation for "steal and sprint".
He's got a nice setup. Lets SAS it.
He got SAS'd
Someone SAS'd her handbag.
by Matt Cowen May 03, 2007
Short for Special Air Service. A fictitious group of highly trained soldiers featured prominently in the Call of Duty game series. First introduced in Call of Duty 4 the SAS and it's leader Captain John Price are tasked with defeating one Imran Zakhaev. However the SAS ceases to exist in Modern Warfare 2 where it is disbanded and merged with various Special Forces groups to create Task Force 141.
James: "Dude, i totally want to join the SAS when I grow up."
Paul: "Jesus, srsly? OMG u n00b do u wanna be lyk a Spartan super soldier too? They're not real lol."
by Brilliantov February 28, 2010
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