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Flagship model of Mercedes-Benz's luxury automobile line-up. One of the most capable and popular high-end luxury sedans on today's market. Available with a wide variety of engines, ranging from a 3.2L V6 (S320) to a Twin-turbocharged 5.5L V12 (S600). Current body style has been in use since 2000, with a facelift due to arrive in late 2005.
Competitors include the BMW 7-Series, the Jaguar XJ8, and the Audi A8.
by EJL December 29, 2004
Basically means extremely powerful, dangerous, high leveled, or possibly even feared. It's used as a rank to describe the highest you can possibly achieve. It's pretty commonly used in anime.
That guy that escaped from jail is ranked as an S-Class criminal.
by Wootzy January 04, 2009
Mercedes large sized sedan. Starts at $74,970 for a BASE S430, goes up to $123,620 BASE for a S600 (V12, 493hp @5000 rpms). Hardly the "poor man's" of anything. Also it is not a cheap version of a Maybach, there is a Maybach dealer across the street from the Mercedes dealer in my town and they are completly different cars, however the Maybach does have a S-Class styled air-dam. Maybach's start at around $300,000 anyway.

S430 4Matic
S500 4 Matic
S55 ////AMG
The S55 ////AMG would OWN the Audi S8 in a race anyday of the week kid.

The man driving the S8 felt like a rat when the S600 V12 drove by at 180 mph.
by Paxton July 23, 2004
1.) adj. A term used for the highest grade of Chocobo racing in Final Fantasy VII.

gold chocobo
final fantasy 7
cloud strife
Dude! I raised my chocobo to S-Class, so I could breed a Gold Chocobo!
by adoptanemo November 08, 2007
noun. A combination of "snore" and "class" to be used to describe a really boring class.
"Oh man I wish I could, but I've got sclass...."
by Rhiana October 11, 2007
an unusually boring class.
Oh man I'd really love to go with you guys, but I have sclass this afternoon.
by DianeF October 26, 2007
An very nice, very expensive set of four La-Z-Boy recliners on wheels capable of traveling at high velocities.
The S-Class is a poor man's Maybach
by vatech March 14, 2003