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3 definitions by vatech

wicked, accursed, atrocious, bad, brutish, cloven-footed, cursed, damnable, demoniac, demonic, detestable, diabolic, diabolical, evil, execrable, fiendish, hellborn, hellish, infernal, iniquitous, nefarious, satanic, serpentine, unhallowed, villainous
Kicking that puppy was totally saddam.
by vatech March 14, 2003
An very nice, very expensive set of four La-Z-Boy recliners on wheels capable of traveling at high velocities.
The S-Class is a poor man's Maybach
by vatech March 14, 2003
I bought that POS Neon becuase it said "Hi." to me.
by vatech March 14, 2003