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Mercedes large sized sedan. Starts at $74,970 for a BASE S430, goes up to $123,620 BASE for a S600 (V12, 493hp @5000 rpms). Hardly the "poor man's" of anything. Also it is not a cheap version of a Maybach, there is a Maybach dealer across the street from the Mercedes dealer in my town and they are completly different cars, however the Maybach does have a S-Class styled air-dam. Maybach's start at around $300,000 anyway.

S430 4Matic
S500 4 Matic
S55 ////AMG
The S55 ////AMG would OWN the Audi S8 in a race anyday of the week kid.

The man driving the S8 felt like a rat when the S600 V12 drove by at 180 mph.
by Paxton July 23, 2004
Whatever, Who Is You Talking To, I Ain't Studyin Yo Ass, Do It Then
Jeana: Sit Down Bitch Before You Get Yo Ass Beat, Bitch

Keles'A: Child Boo!
by Paxton November 13, 2004

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