Mercedes large sized sedan. Starts at $74,970 for a BASE S430, goes up to $123,620 BASE for a S600 (V12, 493hp @5000 rpms). Hardly the "poor man's" of anything. Also it is not a cheap version of a Maybach, there is a Maybach dealer across the street from the Mercedes dealer in my town and they are completly different cars, however the Maybach does have a S-Class styled air-dam. Maybach's start at around $300,000 anyway.

S430 4Matic
S500 4 Matic
S55 ////AMG
The S55 ////AMG would OWN the Audi S8 in a race anyday of the week kid.

The man driving the S8 felt like a rat when the S600 V12 drove by at 180 mph.
by Paxton July 23, 2004
Top Definition
Basically means extremely powerful, dangerous, high leveled, or possibly even feared. It's used as a rank to describe the highest you can possibly achieve. It's pretty commonly used in anime.
That guy that escaped from jail is ranked as an S-Class criminal.
by Wootzy January 04, 2009
Flagship model of Mercedes-Benz's luxury automobile line-up. One of the most capable and popular high-end luxury sedans on today's market. Available with a wide variety of engines, ranging from a 3.2L V6 (S320) to a Twin-turbocharged 5.5L V12 (S600). Current body style has been in use since 2000, with a facelift due to arrive in late 2005.
Competitors include the BMW 7-Series, the Jaguar XJ8, and the Audi A8.
by EJL December 29, 2004
1.) adj. A term used for the highest grade of Chocobo racing in Final Fantasy VII.

gold chocobo
final fantasy 7
cloud strife
Dude! I raised my chocobo to S-Class, so I could breed a Gold Chocobo!
by adoptanemo November 08, 2007
noun. A combination of "snore" and "class" to be used to describe a really boring class.
"Oh man I wish I could, but I've got sclass...."
by Rhiana October 11, 2007
an unusually boring class.
Oh man I'd really love to go with you guys, but I have sclass this afternoon.
by DianeF October 26, 2007
An very nice, very expensive set of four La-Z-Boy recliners on wheels capable of traveling at high velocities.
The S-Class is a poor man's Maybach
by vatech March 14, 2003
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