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when you are having your cock masterbated and your ass lick at the same time. this creates a music sound like ahhhhhhrrrr
so your a muso? hey can you play the rusty trombone then!!!
by scott hutchins May 09, 2004
158 53
n. The main activity of a rusty trombone party.
Sure your band has a trombone player, but does it have a rusty trombone player?
by Dr. Mung March 31, 2004
172 68
its the top shelf at the oriental massage parlor. after a hearty massage she starts to play with your bung with her tongue. Then you rise up on all fours and she starts playing with your unit like its a trombone. Her face will then look rusty, hence the name. Its one of the common techniques taught in massage school.
Tyler won a couple grand in vegas and all he could think about was spending it at the massage parlor for a rusty trombone.
by marcuswelbywrites June 26, 2007
197 97
when a female kneels behind a stanind man , licks his arsehole, reaches around and tugs the dick like a trumpet
my bitch gave me a sick rusty trombone last night
by elvis420 May 04, 2009
154 54
a trombone that was left in the rain
my trombone got rusty because it was left in the rain and rust formed all over the shaft and mouthpiece, thus it was a rusty trombone...indeed.
by John Ritter October 17, 2003
348 252
When a man inserts his penis into a woman's anus and then the woman performs fellatio on the penis.

Are you good at playing the rusty trombone?
by colon cleaner May 16, 2006
151 68
inserting your penis into a girl's ass and then into her mouth
sue got the old rusty trombone
by shea414 August 27, 2008
152 76