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Rimjob while getting a handjob only to fart and fill the cheeks of the "giver"
I loved Heidi. Partly for her wavy blonde hair but mostly for the fact she didn't mind when I Rusty Gillespie'd her.
by John Paul Bones November 29, 2005
Experienced players of the Rusty Trombone have been known to raise the recipient of their ministrations to such a peak of pleasure that they lose control of their bowels and forcefully break wind during orgasm. The resultant blast of gas can be sufficiently forceful to inflate the cheeks of the player mildly reminiscient of the pouched cheeks of Dizzie Gillespie during a performance on a normal metal trombone.

The attempts to rid oneself of the odour and taste together with vocalistaion of rage are thought to be the origins of Scat singing. It is well known people who love Jazz also love to do this sort of thing.
He let go with such a Rusty Gillespie that she scatted for over a minute. What a marvellous improvisation worthy of the master himself...
by ISPENS August 06, 2009
A variation of the rusty trombone in which whilst receiving said rimjob, you fart into their mouth causing their cheeks to balloon.
The rusty trombone was enjoyable and innocuous for both parties involved until it turned into the rusty Gillespie.
by McKraut August 22, 2010
where a girl eats a dude's asshole while jerking him off.
Beware of the women that know what a rusty gillespie is.
by Kevin Sargeant November 25, 2005
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