the act of simultaneously eating asshole and jerking a guy off
man, that girl was so kinky she bent me over the coffee table and gave me a rusty trombone!! mmmm so good
by humpy lumpkin April 07, 2008
1. Act of squatting behind a male and performing annilingus while also performing hand stimulation on same male's penis.

2. a brass wind instrument operated by moving a slide to create differences in pitch that has iron oxide on its surface usually from prolonged exposure to moisture.
Suze Q gave Herman a rusty trombone while he was playing his rusty trombone.
by Burnt Biscuit December 02, 2005
Lickin' asshole and jackin' someone off from the back....
Why ya lips all shitty lookin' have you been givin' somebody the rusty trombone?? ?
by Me November 25, 2003
Rusty Trompone: The sexual act where one partner gives a rim job while also giving their lucky partner the ol' reach around.
"She was licking my asshole and jerking me off at the same time"

"Bro, that's called a Rusty Trombone."

"Oh, I get it."
by Travis Dean November 07, 2007
getting your ass crack and/or ass hole licked while the girl reaches around and tugs on your cock. Thus looks like the girl is "making music."
Baby girl gave me the best rusty trombone ever!
Ever had a rusty trombone
by Sam from Philly July 22, 2005
sexual action in which a mans asshole is rimmed while he is receiving a reach around..
That bitch was nasty, she gave me a rusty trombone right after i gave her a dirty sanchez...
by beneal78 May 03, 2006
when a male or woman (preferably woman) is licking a mans ass and then reaches around and gives him a hand job
last night millie gave me a rusty trombone
by bigrich September 20, 2003
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