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A simultaneous rim-job/ hand-job.
got a great rusty trombone yesterday
by Mikus February 06, 2003
Cheeco replaces a persons name, usually it is used by people who forget that persons name and doesnt care to ask or just want to sound cool.
hey John!
sup Cheeco
by Mikus April 04, 2006
The outer labia of a well-endowed chick, otherwise known as a Meat Drape.

Check out her roast beef curtan
by Mikus February 06, 2003
Same as uriah itchy heap but with the runs.
Dood check out this puddle of uriah itchy heap
by Mikus February 07, 2003
The shit skid left on a chick's stomach after tit-fucking her.
Check out that chicks brown tie
by Mikus February 06, 2003
Shitting in a condom, freezing it, then fucking a chick with it.
Jane just got icy miked!
by Mikus February 07, 2003

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