When a female or male(in homosexual scenarios) grabs their partner's penis from behind and plants their tongue and lips on their asshole. Then he or she proceeds by licking and possibly eating out their partner's asshole. At the same time, he or she gives them a handjob. This movement that is performed is very much similar to playing a trombone.
Dude, last night I walked in on Sheeneequa while she was giving Dennis a rusty trombone.

My Boss frequently asks his employees to give him a rusty trombone.

Garrett could not resist asking for a rusty trombone after coming back from band camp.

Stewart: Hey Martha. I Think we should try something new today.
Bertha: Like what?
Stewart: Give me a rusty trombone! Now!
Bertha: But Stewart, you have so much hair all around your ass and on your gooch, it will be like eating a hay bale. Consider shaving that monkey ass of yours and then I will give you the best rusty trombone!
Stewart: Okay, I will do as you say. I may be whipped, but I'm so horny right now.
by bigmelon June 16, 2008
When a girl or gay male is eating out a guy's asshole while giving him a hand job from the back.This resembles the act of playing a trombone with a rusty mouth piece.
"Yo that dirty hoe gave me a rusty trombone last night."
"You ever give a rusty trombone before?"
by ballin905 April 07, 2006
The sexual act of eating a guys ass while giving him a handjob from behind.
Do you like to play the rusty trombone? You must be a master at playing the rusty trombone. That girl plays a mean rusty trombone. His lover played the rusty trombone.
by shwazwaz July 19, 2006
When a male is receiving anal stimulation orally, while simultaneously getting a hand-job from aforementioned anal diner.
Kirsten played the Rusty Trombone on Jon all night.
by Daimo42 June 23, 2007
To be rimmed while simultaneously recieving a handjob.

(It has NOTHING to do with "mud butt". whomever posted that definition is completely wrong and a moron. That is known as "scat". The anus is clean while getting rimmed.)
"She tongued my asshole while giving me the best handjob I've ever had in my life!"
by Shane March 11, 2005
the act of simultaneously eating asshole and jerking a guy off
man, that girl was so kinky she bent me over the coffee table and gave me a rusty trombone!! mmmm so good
by humpy lumpkin April 07, 2008
1. Act of squatting behind a male and performing annilingus while also performing hand stimulation on same male's penis.

2. a brass wind instrument operated by moving a slide to create differences in pitch that has iron oxide on its surface usually from prolonged exposure to moisture.
Suze Q gave Herman a rusty trombone while he was playing his rusty trombone.
by Burnt Biscuit December 02, 2005

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