Having a girl lick your asshole while giving you a hand job.
"The orchestra of fucking sounded much better with that Rusty Trombone."
by Ryan May 24, 2004
n. The main activity of a rusty trombone party.
Sure your band has a trombone player, but does it have a rusty trombone player?
by Dr. Mung March 31, 2004
its the top shelf at the oriental massage parlor. after a hearty massage she starts to play with your bung with her tongue. Then you rise up on all fours and she starts playing with your unit like its a trombone. Her face will then look rusty, hence the name. Its one of the common techniques taught in massage school.
Tyler won a couple grand in vegas and all he could think about was spending it at the massage parlor for a rusty trombone.
by marcuswelbywrites June 26, 2007
when a female kneels behind a stanind man , licks his arsehole, reaches around and tugs the dick like a trumpet
my bitch gave me a sick rusty trombone last night
by elvis420 May 04, 2009
a trombone that was left in the rain
my trombone got rusty because it was left in the rain and rust formed all over the shaft and mouthpiece, thus it was a rusty trombone...indeed.
by John Ritter October 17, 2003
When a man inserts his penis into a woman's anus and then the woman performs fellatio on the penis.

Are you good at playing the rusty trombone?
by colon cleaner May 16, 2006
inserting your penis into a girl's ass and then into her mouth
sue got the old rusty trombone
by shea414 August 27, 2008
a sex act beetween 2 gay men where one stands knee,s slightly bent so anus is in the right position the other kneels down and blows the asshole while reaching round grabbing the
member and giving it a good stroke up and down resembling a jazz trombonist
i was in the feathers last night jim
played the rusty trombone like Joseph Alessi. he was fantastic shaker loved every minuite of it thanks jim bravo
by shakerdemus and plyers July 21, 2009
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