A Rusty Venture is:

1: when you have a gay 69 and stick your hand inside there asshole and pull out the shit and rub it on each other than the first one to cum has to eat all of the shit.

2: when you take your girl out to a resterrant than not let her take a shit all day than you have anale sex untill she shits all over your dick than you take out your dick and bust all over her back than you have to eat all of the shit and cum with out you hands.

3: When you take a shit in your girls mouth and then you stick your dick in there untill she trows up all over your dick than she has to eat the shit and put it in her vagina than cum in her face.

4: to take out as much shit as posibul with one hand full and two servings and eat it
I had to give a Rusty Venture to my friends last nights.
by Rusty Venture69 November 22, 2010
When you jerk off so much your penis is red and sore
She Rusty Ventured me all night long.
by Shore Leave November 21, 2010
Something lame that unoriginal dickheads say to sound cool. It has the opposite effect & makes them sound like fuckwits
dickhead: Hey man, I'm so cool that I keep dropping rusty venture into conversation

poor guy having to listen to dickhead: You're a fuckwit!
by lickmyrim November 25, 2010
When you jerk off so much your dick gets all red and sore
"I'm gonna give you a Rusty Venture"

"Don't believe the hype, a Rusty Venture is the name for when you jerk off so much your dick gets all red and sore"

---Conversation between a hooker and Brock Samson in The Venture Bros season 4 episode 16, "Operation P.R.O.M."
by KBCandleSparker November 23, 2010
When you take a girl to a big dinner, and make her pay for it but don't let her to to the bathroom. Take her home for anal sex and cum all over her back. Then eat it without using your hands.
I'm taking her out for a Rusty Venture.
by evil_nirvana_x November 23, 2010
When one inserts peanuts into his urethra has anal intercourse with his partner thus leaving the peanuts inside of his partner, the partner then poops the peanuts onto her partners chest. all while on top of a stuffed gorilla as your therapist watches and takes notes.
dude, i totally gave her a rusty venture last night.
by HisRoyalAwesomeness November 21, 2010
the act of jacking off a monkey while letting it shit on your partners face while she is getting dry humped by a jaguar. after the monkey blows his load all over your face you lick the poop and get your dick eaten by the jaguar. your sexual partner then gets double penetrated by the jaguar and monkey while you stick a carrot up your ass watching.
wow that rusty venture you gave me was amazing
by Wade Wolff 8152976007 November 21, 2010
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