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common expression used by the angry video game nerd. Used to express anything extremely frustrating, confusing, annoying, or stupid
I remember playing ET on the Atari, I tell you, what a shitload of fuck
by Destoroyah September 09, 2010
A speed-suit is a short-sleeved jumpsuit favored by certain super-scientists who demand both comfort and ease from their clothing. When properly fitted, it should crotch six inches below the natural inseam. The common speed suit is predominantly polyester, allowing occupational hazards such as baby burps to be easily cleaned off with a lemony wipe.

Mentioned frequently by Dr Venture on "The Venture Brothers"
A speed-suit says to the world: "Look out! I know what I'm wearing for the rest of my life!"
by Destoroyah September 18, 2010
When you jerk off so much it makes your dick red

From the venture brothers
I need to stop whacking it for the next few days after the Rusty Venture I pulled on Tuesday
by Destoroyah November 22, 2010
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