When you jerk-off so much your dick gets all red and sore.
He was watching porn and stroking so long he gave himself a rusty venture.
by Brock Ness Monster November 22, 2010
The Definition of a Rusty Venture is highly disputed, but the first Rusty Venture took place in a young boys room. A Rusty Venture is when you jerk off too much and your Junk turns red.
The boy soon realized the mistake giving himself a Rusty Venture.
by RustyTimes November 22, 2010
When you jack off so much your dick becomes sore.
I was off all day and bored. Ended up giving myself a Rusty Venture.
by 9kandwutisthis November 22, 2010
The act of masturbating your penis until the skin gets red raw and bleeds.
I spanked my junk so much I got a Rusty Venture.
by r0nan November 22, 2010
When you jerk off so much your dick gets red and sore.
It's been so long since I've had a girlfriend that all I have now is a Rusty Venture.
by BrockSamsonsBlueBalls November 22, 2010
A "Rusty Venture" can be defined as masturbating so much your penis becomes sore and if skin tone is light enough it also becomes beet-red.
Chick: Oooh, I'm going to give you a "Rusty Venture"!

Brock: Don't believe the hype babe a Rusty Venture is where you beat your dick so much it turns red.

Chick: Really?
by HEYHEYHERRKOMMTALEX November 22, 2010
when you masterbate way too much and your penis is red and raw
im cock is soooooo rusty venture from last nite!
by snodd eeei November 22, 2010

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