A man, usually cocky that thinks he brings bad bitches but usually is alone with only his right hand. People may sometimes assume he has a large cock but are sadden when they find out it is only comparable to a nipple dick. a.k.a straight bitch.
Girl one- Oh my gosh isn't that a Russell over there?

Girl two- Yea it is. OMG! Bree told me that his dick is like this. " holds up small tootsie rool."
by tsameah October 31, 2012
One who has an insanely large cock and whose penetration will decimate all. Commonly known for penetrating Alanas. The Russell can tripple the size of his cock when enraged or extremely horny.
The house shook as the Russell claimed his 27th virgin of the week.
by Virgin Killer January 30, 2008
The most amazing friend that anyone could ever ask for. He always listens when there's a problem or just in general and he tells you what he thinks even if it hurts.
I would not trade my friendship with Russell for any thing in the world.
by Kira Iams January 18, 2009
although a common name, Russells (particularly of the Miller brand) are kind hearted, lovable, sweet, and will do anything for the people they love. They are incredibly loyal to their family, and they make wonderful husbands. Your brothers will love him and you parents will be thrilled to have him as part of their family.
oh man you lucky girl you, you scored yourself a Russell! you can look forward to a lifetime of happiness with that one!
by gillybeansGEM March 10, 2011
your legs will hurt like crazy in the morning because they have been spread all night
OMG im so sore from russell! last night was crazy!!
by boobdocks_lover0123456789 January 02, 2011
When a person is drunk and waving one hand in the air while holding a drink.
OMG!! Look at that guy dance, he's doing the Russell!
by Anonymous Me October 19, 2007
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